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Vaginne gel is a natural plant extract with no essences and artificial fragrances. It suppresses bad bacteria, protects good bacteria and enhances the self cleaning defence mechanism in the vagina by regulating the proper pH in the vagina. It does not harm vaginal mucosa and epithelial cells. Instead, it restores good health to epithelial cells. It also moisturises and repairs vaginal tissue which aids in tightening. It also contains pheromones which aids in attraction .

1000mg Vitamin C Supplement

4,500.00 4,000.00
An antioxidant, vitamin C reduces the impact of harmful free radicals on collagen, and research suggests that it protects the skin against the harmful effects of Ultra-Violet short rays from the sun. Our bodies can’t store vitamin C so it’s vital to include it in our diet each day.

Bellaganics Hand Sanitizer Gel

Bellaganics Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel with Aloevera and Essential Oils

Male Sexual Vitality Tea 

Increases Sexual Desire/ Libido Helps sustain erection and delays ejaculation Helps improve quality of erection overtime Specification: 3g/bag, 16 bags per box Recommended: 2 bags a day, tea to be taken after meal.

Nurturing Herbal Baby Soap(Single Bar)

Bellaganics NHBS is a nurturing herbally infused healing soap formulated for babies.

Vagina Dilators

15,000.00 12,000.00
Medical silicon Dilator Training Set *A set of 5 premium silicone dildos for progressing vagina relaxation training in painful sex. *Tapered and curved for easy, comfortable insertion, with finger loop for seamless control *Perfect for expanding vaginal opening and serves as the perfect remedy for vaginismus; painful sexual penetration. *Some of our customers say that these help with sex during the menopause too.