Wellness is a state beyond absence of illness but the conscious development of the whole self to optimize well-being.

Our lives are terribly busy and demanding, making it very difficult to engineer healthier habits into our daily lives. We sometimes reach our work goals, but neglect our wellness goals, if we even set goals at all, at other times our we ace our spiritual goals with no direct impact on our relationships, finances or personal fufilment.

You know what an unhealthy environment 99% of us live in. I worry about that and want to help people develop strategies and establish a lifestyle that promotes overall good health and wellness.

Hagiazo Wellness promotes Eight Dimensions of wellness: spiritual, physical, emotional, social, financial, occupational, environmental and intellectual. Addressing all eight dimensions of wellness in our lives builds a holistic sense of wellness and fulfilment.


I am Temitope Pupuru; a Biochemist by profession, a Holistic Wellness Coach and Organic formulator.

I believe in a 360° approach to wellness which is anchored on 8 pillars;


I believe optimum wellness is a fusion of the spirit, soul and body in an harmonious synchronization

I help people identify a vision for their wellness, become aware of their limitations and help them become clear and aligned with the change they desire in resonance with the core pillars of wellness.

Prosperity should be multidimensional, touching the body, mind and the wallet. This is the universal provision to all men.

I believe greatness lies within all men, hence, my approach is to encourage clients to take responsibility, mobilize their own motivation, own their visions and goals, inevitably becoming all they have been made to be.

Many people are not performing at their peak personally, financially or professionally, they are being held back by their low energy level, self-imposed limitations, fears and high stress level.

I really like to help people make sense of their chaos, own their journey for personal growth and establish a path to higher well-rounded wellness that they can maximize for the rest of their lives.

1000mg Vitamin C Supplement

4,500.00 4,000.00
An antioxidant, vitamin C reduces the impact of harmful free radicals on collagen, and research suggests that it protects the skin against the harmful effects of Ultra-Violet short rays from the sun. Our bodies can’t store vitamin C so it’s vital to include it in our diet each day.

Bellaganics Hand Sanitizer Gel

Bellaganics Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel with Aloevera and Essential Oils

Nurturing Herbal Baby Soap(Single Bar)

Bellaganics NHBS is a nurturing herbally infused healing soap formulated for babies.

Sip For Health (Smoothie Recipe E-Book)

Are you looking for the most efficient way to eat healthy, lose fat and live healthy but still have some fun with it? Turns out the solution is not some magic pills or powders. Read on to discover how drinking healthy smoothies can help you recover from several illnesses, lose weight, glow beautifully and live longer.